Playing with Podcasts

Another week, and another cool tool! Podcasts and screencasts are something that I use on a fairly regular basis, most often as a quick tutorial to give me some audio or visual reference to a new concept that I have found on the web. This mini podcast here is my fast attempt to try a tool that I know will find its way into my my PLE and my PLN.


Image by Rotgers, H. (2005). Retrieved from

If I go back to our team collaborative docs project our group reflected on the impact of digital literacy and we cited this quote which is so applicable to our learning this week. Digital literacy is important as it helps us to “access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, construct new knowledge, create and communicate with others” .

By integrating this type of tool into my own personal learning network, I can ensure that I am meeting a variety of learning styles in any types of communication that I have with learners – including auditory and visual.

As we noted in our project, using podcasts and screencasts can help me achieve an increase in learner engagement and satiscaction and to enhance my pedagogy by increasing my digital competence.

The balancing act is making sure that my competence has some degree of depth so that I can be comfortable with the tools that I might be using!

That means practice – and time.

ADED1P32 Mini Podcast | Muziboo


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