Creating a World of Sound and Images


Image by Valentini, V, (2009). Retrieved from

Apologies to anyone who might be reading this entry! I am struggling to find new ways to explain all of the amazing digital tools and applications that we have learned (some of which I have struggled with!), but this week is no exception.

As you can see below, we explored the world of podcasts and screencasts. For the mini podcast exercise I chose Muziboo as it was quick and easy, but I have used SoundCloud (also painless, but you do need to pay for more than some trial time). I found the Jing application very cool and will go back and revisit that one as I sort through my catalogue of new tools.

As I develop some facility with these, I can see that they will definitely intersect with my own teaching and learning. Many of the topics which my colleagues and I teach require hands-on demonstration. Our students often lament that they cannot remember all of the steps of a demo after the class is over (and note-taking does not seem to hold the appeal that it once did!). We have been exploring the option of using different types of digital media and this week I may have found some answers. Now we just need to try them – practice, practice, practice – and voila – demos that can be uploaded to an LMS system for future reference.

We also added Creative CommonsCC licenses to our blogs. Obtaining the license was the easy part. The suggestion was to add them to our header or footers. The theme that I chose does not seem to have a footer, nor does it have the plugin capability, where a footer can be added easily. I spent another unsuccessful 45 minutes trying to find a tutorial that did not require adding code (something I am not prepared to do – at least not yet) to create a footer, so my solution was to use the Widgets toolbar and add the license to the sidebar.  I will live with that for a bit and see how I like it.

In my Feedly reader this week, I found a blog on ways to eliminate Death by PowerPoint – bookmarked and ready to read when all of my courses are over so that when I prepare curriculum I can start to add some new techniques – to keep me and my students engaged.

The count down is on. One week to go!


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