Presentations: Managing Copyright


Image by foxhead128. (2012). Retrieved from

This week we looked at the impact of managing copyright appropriately when creating presentations. I explored Animoto which I have used before, but upon reading Phil’s cautions in his blog, I recalled some of the limitations to this video tool. As Phil noted, Animoto presentations are really good looking – they can make us appear much more competent than we really are – but they are limited in time and capacity in the free account for which I had signed up some time ago. I then decided to try to practice my skills in a presentation app that I have used before but where I can really use some practice to fine tune my dexterity.

Hence, my presentation in SlideRocket. I find this a very user friendly presentation tool. I like the engagement for viewers better than Prezi, but like anything else it requires practice, and of course practice requires time – of which I don’t have an abundance right now!

However, as like most other Web 2.0 tools, once you get started you can immerse yourself and play for quite some time. This is a short visual presentation outlining some of the core concepts that we learned this week regarding appropriate copyright usage. Most of the images come from a site where I again signed up (one more place where I have left a footprint), but I really like the variety and quality of their free images. It is called Stock.xchng and it can be found at

Anyway, here is my SlideRocket presentation address. Feedback very welcome!


One thought on “Presentations: Managing Copyright

  1. Kathryn says:

    Ann, great presentation, I watched the slide rocket. I am glad I did, I actually picked up some referencing tips and rules from your slide. Great clean use of a presentation…

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