Awash on the Tides of Information (AKA Week 4’s Reflection)


Saavedra, M. (2008). Retrieved from

To mix some metaphors, on the information highway this week, I feel like I have been run over by a truck! Donna Papacosta (2012) refers to the information firehose, or the constant flood of information to which we are exposed. Well, right now I picture myself at the business end of that hose, flat on my back as a deluge of information washes over me. I usually love new learning but this week I am finding that I need to be a little more discerning in terms of nice to know versus need to know.

The concept of content curation or what Papacosta calls “finding, selecting, organizing sharing, the best of relevant content” in a “structured and thoughtful” way spoke to me from a very attractive place, philosophically (not so much when I looked at ALL of the tools). The notion of having a systematic way of categorizing information (and using a tool like LiveBinder) is very appealing. However, I feel that I need to step back and critically analyze all of the various sites to determine what I will actually use and what is interesting, but not beneficial for me.

On the plus side, thumbs up for:

Google Alerts – used this several times for another paper this week already.

LiveBinder – appeals to my personal organizational style

Diigo – great! – just need to learn all of the very useful (and fun) applications a bit better, but already using it regularly. I am always bookmarking sites and then wondering where they are. We transition computers every 2 years at work and with several at home, having this in the cloud is a huge bonus.

Still not sure about my Google Reader, but tried Feedly (thanks Dave!) and its visual impact and way of organizing is much more appealing. I can see this being a lasting tool.

A couple of my classmates liked the features of, so I will go back and revisit, but I didn’t think it was quite right for me after a preliminary view.

Vis a vis, my PLE – well, this week I learned to make and edit a video and post to Vimeo (my other course). I discovered the concept of content curation; I am in the process of blogging via a podcast. I think that I need to add a “collating” category to my visual representation of my PLE. I can see that I am not capturing well enough all of the data management practices that we are learning.

All in all, not a bad week (for a digital immigrant)!

BTW, I have been following with interest a series on the digital world in the The Toronto Star. I mentioned it last week as it examined the impact on our neural networks. This week the series continues as it reviews the phenomenon of internet addiction. Interesting and controversial, but I snuck a peek as I am afraid that if I tallied my weekly online hours I would be appalled.


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