PLE’s: A New Concept

My Personal Learning Environment. That is a term with which I had been unfamiliar until completing the readings and the viewings for this session. I work on a regular basis in a learning management system (LMS) in order to post work for my own students and to interact with them, albeit less in a less dialogic fashion then I would like. This has been made abundantly clear as I view the embedded tools in our own Brock LMS system, Sakai, and the work done in the courses  in which I am currently enrolled.

Cann (2007) defines a personal learning environment as “a system that helps learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to set their own learning goals, manage their learning, manage both content and process, and communicate with others in the process of learning.” His slidecast, (in Slideshare) provides an excellent overview of the rationale for the examination of one’s own personal digital  practice, but what resonated most with me was his assertion that learner control of learning in the Web 2.0 world in which we are currently situated needs to be a foremost consideration for today’s educators. Given that I am a post-secondary teacher, I can see that the two digital literacy courses in which I am enrolled are not a minute too soon! One of the points that Cann made that was highly instructive, was the flexibility that a personal learning environment afforded learners (and less control by the teachers). One of the reasons that I have completed most of my degree in an online format is the flexibility that this type of learning has offered me

The tangential benefits of this review of my practice as a student of this Learning in a Digital Context course are not lost on me. The various tools and activities which we examined as a part of this lesson are excellent resources.

This PLE was constructed in good, old Word. I explored both Popplet and Gliffy and did not feel comfortable in either one. I will need to go back and examine them to see if I can better master what they offer. It shows the type of digital activities in which I engage; primarily communication, research and information collection and dissemination and my somewhat more nascent attempts and curriculum development and project management using a variety of online tools.

PLE Image

Callaghan, A. (c) 2013.  


PLE references




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