New Tools in Action: Wordle Journal

This is my first attempt at a journal that has been transformed by Wordle. It explains my rationale for taking this course (entitled Learning in Digital Contexts) and the convergence in the learning that I am seeing between two media-based courses  (the second in New Media Literacy – goal to support my learning and degree completion and to enhance my skills in teaching marketing and advertising courses in my work life – see home entry) that I am completing this semester. One emphasizes skills and the other knowledge so they provide a very good and balanced set of outcomes.

While this is not my first attempt at a word cloud, it is the first time that I have integrated more than just key words or concepts. In this case, I wrote a journal entry that examined my learning after the first week in this course. One of the sort of ‘aha’ moments for me was in the realization of what I don’t know. I consider myself relatively literate in that I use many forms of technology in my work and personal worlds. The number of tools that currently exist to support digital learning are in some ways, overwhelming.

In fact, the randomness (if there is such a word!) of the graphic probably represents a truer version of my place in the online world in which we live.

Wordle Journal - Session 1

Callaghan, A. (c) 2013.


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